There is something about rainy weather that inspires me to post. Another storm is moving in, the rain has just started in our area. There are predictions of high wind, I hope our home is protected from some of that, especially our trees. Amazing how much information I can get about this storm, I can see the radar images, with intense activity, read tweets from the local news station with pictures of fallen trees and the rain and get feedback from people in our neighborhood about rainfall and flooding.

It's all too easy to get sucked in with all of this information and become overly worried about all of the bad things that could happen. When I read some of the news lately, a part of me is expecting a guy to suddenly pop out and say 'Smile, you're on Candid Camera" and tell me that the news is just a gag someone thought up.

I suppose everyone who has lived in uncertain times has felt off balance but it is a new feeling for myself, my family and my friends. I've always said I prefer boring times, the kind of life that no one will write a story about because it would be page after page of 'She got up, did her work, loved her family unconditionally, shared great joy and happiness with friends and simply lived as she felt was best for herself and all the people she cared about.'

I believe I will take a break from all of the news sit in my recliner, listen to the rain and take a breather with my current book. With some breaks in between to do some laundry so I can have a day off tomorrow. Have a pleasant evening.