After reading about the shooting in Las Vegas I felt numb. And yet, after the last month, with hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria, flooding in other parts of the world, and other world events, it also seems like 'Oh well, just another day in a sucky world now, too bad, so sad, I've got other things to worry about.'
I feel such a loss of control and a realization that there is nothing an individual can do to stop these horrible things from happening while I want somehow to fix things and make them stop.
I know that I can contribute to charities, I can express condolences for the survivors and prayers for those who have lost their lives but it doesn't feel like enough anymore. I don't want to feel helpless because all of these events show that bad things can happen to people who are just living their lives, getting by as best they can when some extraordinary event occurs and completely wipes out their plans, their possessions and possibly their lives. Something like this could happen to my family and myself and I wonder how I could deal with the situation.
Unlike a good story, I don't have a simple moral message or some point, I just needed to share my frustration and helplessness. I am working to live more of a life of service in helping others where I can while enjoying special moments, no matter how small in my daily activities. Perhaps that's the best anyone can of us do.