St. Patricks Hat, green, with flower arrangement

After the last few weeks of cold, rainy weather, I’m ready for winter to end. There was a break in the clouds today, it felt good to weed out our vegetable garden in the front yard. The ground was still soft enough to make it easy to pull the weeds.

I did take a short trip last week, with my mother and son. We drove to the desert to see the wild flowers. The large amount of rain this year has resulted in a lot of blooms, even in the desert. The California poppies that are growing on the hills are very pretty, it’s the first time I’ve seen so many of them.  

All of the green growing around our area seems very appropriate for St. Patrick’s day. Enjoy the pictures of our very green open areas and the flowers growing here and there.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster and Tamara Harpster

Sugar cookie, with green sprinkles

Baked Potatoes on foil

Fence beside trail, with view of hills in distance

Trail, with fence and green growth

Rosemary flowers, bee

Rosemary bushes

Bee on flower

Ceanthous bush and flowers

Daisies growing in desert

View of desert at Borrego Springs

Clouds flowing over mountains