Clouds in sky, tree without leaves

Today is the first day of March, which means there is less than three weeks until spring starts. However, based on our recent weather, I’m wondering if warmer weather will start on time in our part of the world. This winter of 2017-2018 has been an odd one. We have had record breaking heat in November, I remember running our air conditioner on the Thanksgiving weekend. There were the Christmas fires north of us and we have had very little rain. It looked like the winter was going to be a mild one and very dry.

Building, parking lot after rain

However, the last two weeks have completely reversed that trend, we have had record breaking cold temperatures and even a little bit of rain. Not enough to break the drought we are having this year but enough to turn things green. My problem is that I’m not used to the cold so I have been shivering and I have had muscle and joint aches due to the colder temperatures. Which is not all that cold, lows in the low 30’s as compared to lows in the teens or colder in northern climates. I have decided that I am definitely a Southern California resident now and have no desire to live further north. I know that if I spent the winter there I would adjust but I’m happy that I don’t have to.


I am digging out my sweatshirts in preparation for our next batch of cold, freezing air, with low temperatures in the low 30’s and highs in upper 50’s/low 60’s. Yes, I am a wimp, now excuse me while I go and hover over our gas stove to warm up.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster