It’s the middle of February and winter is definitely in place, in your face and ready to rock and roll. Based on the current decor choices, gray and cloudy with some more gray and cloudy in the forecast, I think most people are ready for a change in the season. Unfortunately, it looks like winter is offended that her welcome is worn out and giving us a cold shoulder along with ice, snow, and rain, depending on how far north you live.

Valentine's Card, pop out of couple sitting in a car looking at the night sky

On the plus side, we also have green in our color scheme, so there is some brightness out there. I also saw a full rainbow last week, which was a lovely addition to the day. It is also good weather for preparing soups and baking. However, my scale tells me that I shouldn’t overdo it on the cooking mode, at least if I don’t want to start looking for new clothes too.

Red Flower, close up

For those who are up north and slogging through snow, ice and extremely cold temperatures, I hope you are doing well. I remember that I lived in below freezing temperatures at one time but I suspect I would curl up and hover by a heater if I had to live in them again. My hat is off to you for your fortitude and endurance in living in those climates. And in August, I will envy you greatly when we are experiencing extremely hot weather.

Teddy bear with shirt that says 'Love'

February seems to be the month when people need to transition from holiday recovery mode and getting ready for spring mode. However, with typical February weather, it’s hard to shift into a different gear. With Valentine’s day and other holidays this month, it provides a break in the season while we look for a reason to carry on until spring. So enjoy your day, and with your loved ones stay in a good place in spite of what winter brings. So now I’ll sign off, until another time when I might bring you more rhymes. :-)

Pictures by J.T. Harpster