My son and I have been walking in the evenings after I've had dinner. It is a nice break and an we both enjoy the chance for a little exercise. We follow a trail that is by the San Diego River and behind a golf course. Depending on the foot traffic, we may also see squirrels, bunny rabbits, lizards, ducks, humming birds and other wild life during our walk. Tonight we saw an egret, I believe. It was resting on a concrete block in the middle of the water while a seagull flew around overhead and ducks floated around.
For the last two nights, as we've been getting in the car I have had the same thought - I will never have this moment of time again. It is humbling to think of the seconds, minutes, hours and days, shifting along and that I take so much of that time for granted. I paused, looking at the trees, the parking lot and the setting sun, savoring that moment before moving on to the next thing in my life.
I will probably have times that seem better and other times that seem worse but I appreciated simply being alive in that very split second. Then I got in my truck and drove my son and myself home.