This week has the holidays National Hot Dog Day and World Emoji day, so my son took pictures as part of our celebration. Emoji’s are an interesting addition to language and communication, if used like a seasoning, in smaller doses. However, some people feel they need ALL OF THE EMOJIs and post accordingly. Or perhaps I’m just getting old and suspicious of this new development. I’m much more comfortable with hot dogs, although I don’t eat them much anymore. Too much salt and other things that cause me to regret my decision later on.

Hot dog in bun with ketchup

Summer has settled in and our air conditioner is staying busy this week. I take time at work to walk at lunch in spite of the heat. Several weeks ago I noticed a house with a torn up yard. The grass had died and someone had turned the dirt over. However, there were still a lot of the roots and grass peeking up, ready to sprout if they were watered.

After I noticed this change in the yard, on another walk I saw a woman out front, squatting down ad pulling out the roots and dead grass. A perimeter had been cleared by the curb, but there was still a lot of roots left. I shook my head at all of the work for this large job, her progress seemed slow.

Pieces of chocolate abar

I walked by the house a couple of more times and saw the same woman, out slowly pulling out roots. The cleared area grew a little larger but progress still seemed slow. In the last couple of weeks I haven’t had time for a walk so I had forgotten about the yard.

This week when I walked by, I didn’t see the woman but I did see a large area of just dirt without the roots and dead grass. There was still more to do, but progress had been made. I shook my head again, this time at myself and my lack of patience in the progress. Yet, with slow and steady work the yard is getting cleared out so something new can be planted.
Another lesson for me,  I need to put aside my impatience and accept that small progress is still progress. I don’t have to finish every single part of a job all at once, it’s okay if I do a little bit here and a  small bit there, so an overwhelming job might become, well, just whelming I suppose.

Several small plastic balls on table top

Enjoy the warm weather and outside, I know I enjoy the chance to break away and enjoy nature for a bit, even in hot weather.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster