It’s the year 2038 and computers are a foundation for civilization. After two Cyber Wars, the world is recovering and preparing to fix the latest problem, the Year 2038 bug. If the bug isn’t fixed, computers will suddenly set time back to January 1st, 1970 and many computer transactions, such as bank transactions, will fail. On January 19th, 2038, it looks like the world has successfully fixed the problem, but when the computer clocks reach 1/19/2038 03:14:07 UTC, the world is plunged into darkness. All modern electronic fail and with them, the underlying infrastructure, for water, electricity, internet, and transportation also fail. Nine billion people have been plunged into the time before modern conveniences.

The book Year 2038 Bug follows Deidre, Marie, Brian and Jake as they try to cope in this new world while trying to fix the computers. At the same time Gabrielle, head of Faith Cyber Security Trusted Network division, is working against them, to keep all electronics shut off so Earth can recover from human damage. Both sides race to get control of electronics while navigating the chaos of people trying to survive in a world without computers.

Enjoy this serial novel as a new chapter is published each month. First chapter published in May 2017.