Time for another chapter of my story “Year 2038 Bug” and this chapter ends the introductions section of the book. I introduce the antagonist, more commonly known as the villain and show a little bit of her reasons for shutting down all of the electronic devices in the world. There will be more character development for her in the story, this is an introduction and setting up some of the concepts for what has happened and what the protagonists of the story will need to fix, somehow, someway.
The next section that I will publish on line may not end up in the final book or it may end up as pieces of flashbacks when I pull the draft together. In my head I have some background stories for the characters that help to explain events that shaped the world in 2038 as I describe in the story. For me, they are a part of building the story and characters but they may not be as important to the final reader. I suspect I may also include some lecture dialogs in this next section and in my experience this type of writing tends to bore readers and have them flipping ahead to the next action. Or at least that’s what I’ve done when I feel an author has started to get a bit preachy. I will work to be careful but this is a rough draft, which I am publishing as I write it, so there will be rough spots.
I hope you enjoy this next chapter, which includes more pictures that my son took. I will be back in two weeks with another article.