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Unknown Location - January 20, 2038 01:13 UTC

As Gabrielle walked into the war room, she linked as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. Computers filled the room, people watching and occasionally typing away. The overhead lights were turned down for this part of the shift since it would be late evening for the workers. When the next shift started, the lights would cycle brighter and gradually dim during the four hour shift.

Notes on Writing: Repetition

For this installment of The Year 2038 Bug I am a week late on finishing up this chapter. I did finish the initial draft last week but I ran out of steam before I edited the content. For those with an eye for detail, I suspect you wonder if any editing occurs before I publish these chapters. I assure you that it does but it is very light and meant to catch large mistakes. So, standard warning, this is a book in progress and the text may or may not be included in the final version of the book.

San Jose - Morning of January 20, 2038

As the morning sun shone through the crack in the curtains, Jake groaned and pulled a pillow over his head to block the light. After a restless night, tossing and turning as he thought about the power outage, he wasn't ready to get up and go to work yet. He lay on the bed, trying to go back to sleep, but thoughts started circling in his brain while he remembered about the power outage and Year 2038 bug. He rolled over and tried counting backwards from 100 in order to try to get back to sleep.

Tulsa, OK - May 8, 2031, 6:45 PM CDT

The sun hadn’t set yet but the dark clouds brewing up on the western horizon had turned day into twilight. The curtains were waving in the wind and dust was flying through the screen when Deidre closed the window of her bedroom. She shivered when lightening flashed in those dark, towering clouds. Under her breath she counted '1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi', waiting for the thunder crack. As she reached '11 Mississippi', she heard a low rumble in the southwest. Not too close, she thought, but probably the storm was probably moving in their direction.

Notes on Writing Links

WHile publishing this book I am writing a series of articles, Notes on Writing that provide some background about my writing process. Here are links to all of those articles in the order they were published.

Notes on Writing: How I Built the Idea for the "Year 2038 Bug" Story

Notes on Writing: Character Development for the "Year 2038 Bug" Story

Notes on Writing: The Antagonist for the Story

Notes on Writing: Writing a Character I Don’t Like

Denver, Colorado - June 22, 2028, 8:15 PM MDT

The orange and purple of the sunset was slowly fading in the west over the Rockies. Jake took a puff of his e-cig, and then blew out the smoke. At least he didn’t have to worry about light from e-cig during blackout conditions. It also wasn’t dark enough to allow infrared vision to pick up the heat from the e-cig and the smoke. He inhaled again and regretfully put his e-cig away, it was time to get back to work. He took one more look at the sunset before heading back to the Shack.

Notes on Writing: How Not to Outline a Book

The latest chapter for the Year 2038 Bug is up on the website so time for another set of notes about my writing. This time I’m answering a question about how I plan my writing and the books I work.

The short answer is that I don’t plan or outline my book, I just let the words flow until they run out. However, I do have a climactic scene in mind as I write and a lot of what I do is find out how my characters ended up at that point.

Dallas, TX, Monday, October 25th 2027

Dallas, TX, Monday, October 25th 2027

It was a hot fall day and the sun shone through the car windows, heating up the interior. The air conditioning kept things from getting too hot and Brian felt a wave of nostalagia for cooler fall days when he was growing up in Texas. He was driving in for his first day on his job in the National Security Agency (NSA) office in Dallas.

Computer on Desktop with Screens displayed

Austin Texas - October 25 2023 15:00 MDT -

As Gabrielle strolled along the riverfront in Austin, she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her shoulders. A part of her missed the change of seasons in Boston but she was very glad to have warmer weather after graduating from MIT. She was enjoying a walk before her big meeting with the board of directors for Faithful Cyber Security. The company was preparing to collaborate with the international Trusted Internet committee in defining standards and she would presentation her ideas at the meeting this afternoon.

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