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Notes on Writing: Story Background

This will be a short note, it is getting late and I need my sleep. I have finished up the initial section of the book which presents the main characters and the initial story. This next section is made up of flashbacks for the main characters and provides some background for ideas that I describe in the first section and will continue to use in the rest of the book.

Denver - 19:45:43 7 Jun 2019 UTC/1:45 PM MST

The summer sun lit up the room as it shone through the window. The light was clear today, with no gray, smoggy coloring. Outside, the Rockies would be seen clearly with a clear blue sky above them. Snow still dotted the hills from a late May snow storm, but there was not a lot left. Marie bent over a notebook on her lap, reviewing her writing and occasionally marking things up for future edits. She occasionally glanced at a monitor on the desk next to her, but her attention was focused on her review.

Unknown Location - 03:05:00 19 Jan 2038 UTC/ ???

The lights were off in the computer lab, although a glow from the monitors provided some illumination. Gabrielle sat in front of one of the tables, leaning back, arms crossed while she watched the monitors and the clock on its screen. The room was quiet, unlike the main war room down the hall. The rest of the team was monitoring the big screen, the internet and various dark nets around the world. There was an air of expectation in that room and while it wasn't too noisy, the tension had built and she decided she needed a break.

Notes on Writing: Writing a Character I Don’t Like

My note will be short this time, my blog buffer is low so I’ve been writing the next chapter instead of working on this article. This chapter introduces Brian Wilson, who is Deidre’s father. He and Deidre are estranged but Brian still tries to watch over her. The Year 2038 bug will remove those tools and he will have to find other means to keep an eye on his daughter and grandson.

Tulsa Oklahoma - 03:05:00 19 Jan 2038 UTC /21:05:00 18 Jan 2038 CST

A slight glow filled the room from the monitor screens. The images were reflected in his glasses as he moved his head, first showing server data from Europe, than a live webcam feed from Hawaii. The monitors were mounted all the way to the ceiling and out to several feet beyond his desk. On the left wall, he paused at the report on DNS outages, then his eyes caught a change in the count of trusted systems versus untrusted. Over in the right side of his desk, at eye level, his gaze rested a video camera feed. The video showed a living room with a closed door.

Boulder, Colorado - 03:14:07 19 Jan 2038 UTC /20:14:07 18 Jan 2038 MST

The large window of the living room overlooked a valley where snow was falling. There was a glow from the bright light of an almost full moon shining from the snow covered ground. The pine tree branches had a light covering of snow and clumps would fall off when they got too heavy. Marie was sitting on her couch, occasionally watching the news but mostly focused on reading her book. As the snow fell outside, she paused to watch the snowy scene, her finger held in place. There was already snow on the ground, drifting against the trees and small hills as the wind blew.

Notes on Writing: How I Built the Idea for the "Year 2038 Bug" Story

I am publishing the second chapter of my serial book, “Year 2038 Bug”, you can find it at the link included below. In this chapter, I introduce the character Jake, a software developer in San Jose. He and his roommate and coworker are monitoring servers for problems with the Year 2038 bug when things don’t go as expected.

San Jose, CA - 03:14:07 19 Jan 2038 UTC/19:14:07 18 Jan 2038 PST

Jake sat at the desk, staring at his monitor. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the clock change to 3:10:00 UTC/19:10 PST, but most of his attention was on the status software. He was watching the production servers for QZ-Bit, a web/app hosting company, to make sure the patches worked in fixing the 2038 bug. Mike and he had done extensive testing on development machines, the roll out to production had gone smoothly, but a bug could still crop up in the production system when the timer rolled over.

San Diego, CA - 03:14:07 19 Jan 2038 UTC/19:14:07 18 Jan 2038 PST

The grocery store was crowded even though it was a Tuesday evening. Deidre pushed her way through the long lines that stretched back from the registers.

“Mommy, go home?” her son asked from the seat of the cart. “No Jake, Mommy forgot to get bread and milk this morning, we’ve got to get some for Daddy. It won’t take long.”

“Wanna go home,” he whined. She stopped for a moment, reached into her bag and pulled out a small book.

Year 2038 Bug

For those searching for more information about the Year 2038 Bug, welcome to our humble website. Due to the number of visits for this search term I've decided to add a quick explanation about the Year 2038 bug for all those who are curious about it.

What is the Year 2038 Bug - The Year 2038 Bug is the name for a potential problem with computer clocks in the Year 2038. More precisely, at 1/19/2038 at 3:14:07 Universal Time Counter (UTC) time. If the bug is not corrected, computer system clocks will reset and show a date in the past, Friday, 13 December 1901.

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